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This was a fun game and I like  how we become the monster. While it took me a bit before understanding the controls, it was fun regardless.

Here's my channel for other games I have played

Thank you very much for playing and linking me the video! It's seeing people play my games like this that lets me know what I need to work on, streamlining the inputs, prompts and camera are things which I am going to be working on before my next release. It's good to know what people find intuitive or not so again thank you very much for the feedback :).


I like the idea of this game but the only thing which I didnt like is the invert mouse camera controlling..It really makes the game difficult....Thanks for this game ;)


Thank you for the video and feedback! Your right, I completely overlooked the inverted camera options, thanks to this I was able to get them implemented before the deadline along with a few other fixes :). 

We didn't make this to clear in the game, but it plays easier with a birds eye view that may help you get past the humans.