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You will Face Catastrophe, You must keep the pillar standing till turn 1000

Use your people, build, prepare and defend. 

And if anything does go wrong, you can always rewind.

This is the entry version of Birdmask Studio’s game for the Brackeys 2020.2 gamejam.  The theme is Rewind -  made over 7 days.

'Catastrophe  Again- Again' is a RTS where you control the flow of time. You must build up your population and defenses to fend off the wild wolves and reach turn 1000 with the pillar standing to win. Go back in time to prevent your defeat and make it to the end. Try different seeds to vary out the attacks and starting conditions!

If you enjoy please leave a comment here, and follow us on  twitter.  If we get positive feedback, we will try to do a post jam version.

 Have fun!


‘Your aim is to make it to turn 1000, without the wolves destroying the pillar in the center of the map.   Once they do, time can no longer go forward.’
General Controls:
Use the slider on the bottom left to change the flow of time.

WASD to move the camera, hold ‘Left Ctrl’ to orbit, and scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

Assign jobs, or move your NPCs by clicking on the icon above them to select and then click on what you want them to work on.

Press the spacebar to deselect and hold space to set flow of time to 0.


To place a building plot, select from the options on the top right. Hold the LMB (or tab / left shift) to pick a spot, move the mouse to change the rotation and then tap the RMB to place the building.

Hold ‘X’ and tap RMB over a building to toggle it for deletion. If you reverse time to before it was built, and it has an ‘X’ icon above it, it will not reappear once time resumes.

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