'Ragdoll Funhouse' In Beta!

Wow, it has been some time since the early alpha demo. While I update the twitter regularly it's been pretty empty here so I thought, now we're finally  in beta, I really needed to update here so - Also, NEW COVER ART!

So, a lot of  work has been done since the first public demo. Still a few weeks away from another public build update, but as said on the twitter post we are entering the final stages now.

The play level is done, mechanics are in, it's now just a matter of getting menus and state systems bug free and making more of the promotional art - like shown at the top - and we can start setting a release date. 

Once that's all settled, my plan is to spend the time I'm waiting for steam to approve the game on making a tutorial/free demo while I wait to be able to release the game on Itch and Steam together.

That's all, just wanted to post some update here and show off the cover art, check the twitter to see more regular updates, buy our other games, and keep a eye out for a new demo late this month or early next.

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