'Ragdoll Funhouse' Out Now! - A Ragdoll Game With Physics Driven Animation and Obstacle Courses

At long last the full release of 'Ragdoll Funhouse' is out now on Steam and Itchi.io, 15% off for it's first week, buy it now!!

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Play a humanoid ragdoll and explore an indoor funhouse sandbox filled with obstacles. Swing from ropes on the ceiling, make your way up climbing walls, or b crushed and bounce about by rollers. Test you mastery by teleporting to different time trials around the level, or just enjoy your time tumbling about the map. 

Ragdoll Funhouse is Birdmask Studios first release using one of our advance humanoid ragdoll systems. With this game we hope to show off our first attempt at building towards future more animated, physically driven characters, by placing it in a environment full of physical props and obstacles to play with.  

Try out the free demo to get a feel for the character and controls


RagdollFunhouse_Itch.zip 168 MB
Jun 01, 2022

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I had fun in the demo, can't wait to see what the courses in the full game is like. Great job bird mask studio!