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Play an active ragdoll T-Rex, through 3 stages, as you hunt and explore a tropical island.

Our second game looking at active ragdolls, play a fully physical character with 3 stages  as you wander around a small open-world and hunt bugs, cavemen and more, in order to become a fully grown T-Rex.

+ Plus try out our extra prototype levels from the game development - experiments with different move sets, scales, and more destroyable objects.


  • Play a procedurally animated active ragdoll T-Rex.
  • 3 playable stages, baby, teen and adult.
  • 5  different ragdoll mobs to hunt and find.
  • A small open-world island to explore.
  • 4 Prototype levels from early development
    • Proto Dino
    • Dino Wilds 
    •  City Destroyer 
    •  Race Track


(Note: This game can be played with mouse and keyboard, but is best experienced with a gamepad controller)

See more about the game's development here


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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Tags3D, Casual, demo, Dinosaurs, gamepad, Low-poly, Open World, Physics, ragdoll, Singleplayer


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Not sure this is working at all right on the Mac, just tried the demo after sorting out the quarantine issues.

All I see after the black main menu is another black screen with a a white accent whipping about which indicates your dino? The buttons for PS4 controller are mapped very strangely.

Also the resolution needs looking into, my CPU was getting fried instantly.

Any full Mac released planned? I know it’s not working here quite right but the concept looks amazing and I’d really like to support the game!

Sorry to say my hands are a bit tied on a Mac release for 'Days With Dino' which is why I only have a demo out. Unlike my jam games it has a lot of different assets and parts to check and since I no longer have a Mac to test with I can't reasonably foresee myself being able to troubleshoot for it.

For the moment I still plan to keep releasing demos for Mac on my next Ragdoll games in the hope they will work, but I currently don't have any plans for a full Mac release for my games

hey, mate. can this game have a slider to set the graphic to low? i like the concept but my laptop is getting beat down when i start playing

Not 100% sure but I'll try opening up the project and see if I can't add some more options. See if I can't add a toggle grass option, or reduce mob spawn limit.

I had problems hunting birds (while playtesting beforehand I had the same issue but with humans disappearing) BUT still managed to live life as a Ragdollasaurus Rex. It's so weird moving. :) 

Thank you for the key! I think there could be more to this concept...