Archiving The Early Alpha Store Page

Since I'm updating the store page, from alpha to final and there are a lot of differences, I thought I would archive the old page and it's images here.

Days with Dino is an 100% active ragdoll, open world dinosaur game.  With the aim to develop the game in 2 months, we hope to release in May 2021 - but in the meantime play our demos as we make them here on!

Days with Dino is an in-development, small, open world game using Active Ragdolls. In the finished game you will control a fully physical, animated ragdoll T-Rex, free to explore the island's different zones and wildlife.

“Forced to flee the nest as a baby dino, you find yourself at the bottom of a cliff, on a tropical island, lost and alone. Explore, evade, hunt and grow from baby to teen to adult T-Rex, able to shrug off spears and knock down trees with a flick of your tail. Play as a 100% physically animated character and interact with the environment as you explore this dinosaur life.”

Who are we?

We are Birdmask Studio. A brother and sister studio making  short, experimental games,  with the goal of developing one game every two months. We want you to see every stage of the games we make, from prototype, alpha, beta to final product. Developing games at this pace  it’s easy to get over focused on little details, so we hope by aiming to release frequently we can get everyone playing and telling us what's fun, what works, and what we should do more of.

Note the current build is made only for a Gamepad controller, we will be working on mouse and keyboard controls during development.

To follow us and get development updates, check out our;




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