Objectives System - 13th May 2021 - Development Notes

I think I've gotten the terrain mesh and props to a good point, so now I'm focusing on the gameplay loop, before getting the last few Mobs in. With this I am on my way to getting the game feature complete so that I can start the final go through refining individual systems.

The Objectives system (shown above), handles keeping track of what the player is doing, and what they've achieved. 

The example above 'Objective-Hunt 5 Bugs' is a simple one. When active it can receive messages via a interface(not used those before somehow...) called 'KillTracker'.  Whenever a mob has determined they were killed due to the players actions they let all Objectives with 'KillTracker' know and give them a tag. If the tag matches what the objective is looking for it adds to the score.

Once the score passes the max amount the objective needs it trigger it's victory results and becomes inactive.

13th May 2021 Development Notes: 

  • Made Objective Manager.
  • Made Objective example - Hunt 5 bugs.
  • Made Objective system generic - It should be reusable for future projects.

Future Task:

  • Test new Objective system in live scene.
  • Make system for mobs to know if the player killed them or not (if the player was the last thing to hit them and they die within a certain time frame).
  • Make 'Objectives' display box in top left corner and a script that can read the Objective manager(keep this display system separate from Objective Systems itself, read only).
  • Make Objectives menu page.

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