Cavemen Waddling - 25th May

With the Buffalo done I am now working on the last mob of the game, the cavemen. These guys appear mid to late in the game on the other side of the island. Each one will start with a spear and when near the player will stalk them, and when close enough throw their spears. After this they will flee. Whenever a caveman starts a hunt they will attract other cavemen nearby who aren't hunting themselves to gather around.

The hope is the novel interaction of a enemy that attacks at range, gathers more over time but runs away after a failed hit will provided interesting encounters.

25th May 2021 Development Notes: 

  • Coded Caveman movement motions.
  • Coded Caveman idle wonder & stalking states

Future Task:

  • Code Caveman attack motions and throwing spear state.
  • Make Caveman spear.
  • Code Caveman to spawn new spear after time passes.
  • Code Caveman Flee motion.
  • Code Caveman gather behavior.

  • When Caveman is functional, set spawn conditions for all mobs on the map.
  • Make damage and death conditions for all mobs.
  • Start final run on gameplay loop and player controls.
  • Get gameplay loop and progress fully playable.
  • Do final landmarks - Mountain Top, Dust Storm area.
  • Do final art and sound push.

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