T-Rex Vs Buffalos! - 22nd May

This here is footage of the now mostly finished Buffalo Mob, seeing how they play out in the game world. Their role is to be a threat to all but the large T-Rex state. At the moment I don't have damage working for them or the player, but once I do I will also add a stun effect too them, so they will be able to be stopped a bit more easily than shown here.

Anyway, with them done to this point though, I can now get on with the last major Mobs of the game, the cavemen.

22nd May 2021 Development Notes: 

  • Got Buffalo attack state coded
  • Got Buffalo flee state coded
  • Tested out Adult T-Rex and Buffalo combat... I like it so far.

Future Task:

  • Start work on Caveman AI
  • Start cleaning up final Adult Dino movement and combat, to match Cavemen and Buffalo AI.
  • Make stun effects for Buffalos, Baby Dino and Adult Dino.
  • Make Baby dino fly away when hit by Buffalo.

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