Wondering Buffalo AI - 21st May

Red area is the attack zone, blue is flee and grey is total detection range...I may have overcomplicated enemy detection

Trying out shorter names, see how it goes. I've been a bit slow development wise this week, so less updates, but things are getting back on track. I've got the Buffalos animated and wondering around randomly and given them code to be able to see threats, and choose to either flee or attack based on where they see the target from.

Next I just need to code the action for charging and fleeing then I think I can count them as done, trying to not overcomplicate the AI from here on out.

21st May 2021 Development Notes: 

  • Made Buffalo ragdoll animator
  • Made Buffalo Mob Script.
  • Made Buffalo Idle state
  • Made Buffalo enemy detection and panic/attack values

Future Task:

  • Code Buffalo fleeing and attacking states.
  • Start work on Caveman AI
  • Start cleaning up final Adult Dino movement and combat, to match Cavemen and Buffalo AI.

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