Visuals, Sounds and New Controls - 20th June

Well, that was quite some time between updates. I'll be honest, work has been slow, especially over the last two weeks, but I'm back to directly working on the 'Days With Dino'. It's that whole thing of the last 10% takes 90% of the time, I am feeling that but still, going on forward, so much of the game is ready I just need to get the last few bits working together.

This week I finished my revisions to the player character to make it better suited for the combat gameplay. The Dino's walking has been completely reworked, the tail spins faster (and the head can finally reach things on the ground) and feels overall better to aim.

Along with that I've been adding the final polish for the game feel, proper sound effects, running particles, slight camera wobble and a 3Rd person camera that properly follows the player without needing player inputs.

All shown in the video above. Now that's done, I need to add sounds to the Mobs, and final checks that they work against the player.

I already have the objectives system ready, so I just need to make sure you can actually do them properly. Once that is done, it's doing overall world sounds and visual effects, making the main menu and final checks and I should be at last internal review.

That's all for now, I'll try to get back to more regulars updates going forward, L out.

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