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“Play a fully physical Active Ragdoll as you explore the funhouse”

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Play a humanoid ragdoll and explore an indoor funhouse sandbox filled with obstacles. Swing from ropes on the ceiling, make your way up climbing walls, or b crushed and bounce about by rollers. Test you mastery by teleporting to different time trials around the level, or just enjoy your time tumbling about the map. 

Key Features:

  • Completely physically driven Active Ragdoll Character movement and animation
  • Dynamic climbing system[*A large indoor zone made up of two areas going up 3 floors
  • 7 optional Time Trials to play in the area
  • 14 Teleporting spots
  • Gamepad and mouse and keyboard support

Note for the best control experience, it is recommended to play with a gamepad over mouse and keyboard 

Ragdoll Funhouse is Birdmask Studios first release using one of our advance humanoid ragdoll systems. With this game we hope to show off our first attempt at building towards future more animated, physically driven characters, by placing it in a environment full of physical props and obstacles to play with.  

Try out the free demo to get a feel for the character and controls 

Who Are We:

We are a small 2 person studio that have been focused on making Ragdoll games since 2020. Our aim is to release short, novel games as we develop our ragdoll systems, adding new features and improvements with each release as we build towards making a ever more complex dynamically animated character, able to run, tumble and crash into the environment. Feel free to check out our other demos and blogs to see our various prototypes and developments.


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Note to Linux and Mac users, we have no way to test for these platforms, so for now are only making the free demo available to these platforms.


Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

RagdollFunhouse_Itch.zip 168 MB

Download demo

RagdollFunhouse_Demo.zip 61 MB
RagdollFunhouse_LinuxDemo.zip 82 MB
RagdollFunhouse_MacDemo.zip 70 MB

Development log


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Bruh i am panic 

dude it made my windows 10 litteraly be freezing with the audio even with closing it i had to panic to get it out so 0/10

i hate this

i like the demo but the camera controls are bad pls fix i


hey, i wanna turn down the sensitivity it would be wonderful if you added that. 

(1 edit)

use your mouse sensitivity in the settings on your laptop/PC

that might help i think

(1 edit) (+1)

interesting idea and aesthetics.
I got some grips with the camera, always feel that is too close to the character, making navigation difficult. Also, the default camera configuration is inverted by default, changed it as soon as i started.
Also i think the teleportation system could be symplified by having checkpoints and a button to quickly reset position without accessing the menu.
I think that with some quality of life improvements this game could be really cool, physics based games are a blast once everything fits.


Thanks for the good feedback, it's much appreciated! While the cameras have been getting better with each release I do... they are definitely an ongoing process. I'm hoping to be able to spend the time redoing them from the ground up for the next game, using how it's worked in this one as a reference to improve it along with the ragdoll.

The teleporting however is something I can fix right now, you're also on the mark with that one. I'll look into changing it so you can quickly press a button to return to the last teleport spot you've come into contact with before full release.

If i had a more powerfull computer i would love this Really Good Game and Idea

so cool dude, and also keep up the good work.

see ya