Crabs Vs Birds Round 1 - 13th April 2021 - Development Notes

Thought it would be good to  start posting  small updates on what I'm doing on the day to day for the games development.

13th April 2021
Development Notes: 

  • The Crabs and the birds can do damage to each other.
  • Crabs and Birds can now die.
  • The birds can now eat dead crabs.
  • All bird AI behaviors and actions are implemented at a basic level.
  • Most Crab AI Behavior is implemented (Just needs eating).
  • The player can now eat dead mobs.
  •  The player Character 'Baby Dino' is now aware of the concept of death, they just completely ignore it's implications.
  • I have improved the damage system so creatures can directly apply injury.
  • Crabs can now continue to attack when latched onto something.
  • Birds will be slow to leave if caught eating.
  • Health bar and hunting bar are now visible.

Future Task:

  • The bird and crab actions are almost all there, but the decision making is messy, I need to pick their brains, clean things up and generalize systems.
  • Bird take off needs to be clamped to reduce extreme heights.
  • Need to make a 'Mob Brain Update Manager', that will handle spreading the updating of decision making for mobs over multiple frames to prevent freezes and lags.
  • Persistent Collision based damage is unreliable, I’ll be swapping it out for basic fall detection, and just have the dino tail apply damage based on its general speed on impact.
  • Biting near a mob should have some level of auto aim.
  • The Baby dinos controls and movements needs to be updated to handle hunting the smaller mobs.

Basic summary, watching the crabs latching onto birds is funny, and now I can see how the starting AI is acting around each other, I need to clean up their code so I can use it as a baseline for the later game Mob AIs. After the AI is cleaned up, I should look into improving the Player so they can handle said AI better.

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