Clever Birds - 14th April 2021 - Development Notes

14th April 2021
Development Notes: 

  • Made 'MobBehaviour' class and moved detecting functions to formalize it for all mobs.
  • Cleaned up general Mobs detection functions.
  • Redid AI Bird's idle state's decision making.
  • Redid AI Bird's flight system. Now is properly clamped to a max height, and smoothly transitions from gliding on long distances to small hops for short.
  • Solved Bird hovering when supposed to be standing issue.

Future Task:

  • Redo the idle actions part of the idle state, basically incorporate the new flight system into it.
  • Clean up the new flight system - Got a bit messy getting it working right but it should be quick to clean if I do it now.
  • Continue to redo the bird AI and then move on to the crab, while moving as many general systems as I can to the new 'MobBehaviour' class.

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