Angry Birds - 15th April 2021 - Development Notes

Got the Bird AI cleaned up and working, so, SO much more stably, which is nice. Though now it means, if the crabs were at a disadvantage before, it is that much worse for them now, poor things.

Turns out , regardless of how strong it's attacks are, a AI that only chases things that go near it, loses pretty badly to one that actively hunt's things down... makes sense when you see it but honestly hadn't thought they'd lose this bad.  Time to make the crabs more reactive!

15th April 2021 Development Notes: 

  • New bird flight system has been cleaned up.
  • All Bird AI states have been updated and I have moved functions that can be generalized to the shared  'MobBehaviour' class.
  • All Bird AI FixedUpdate actions have been updated to use new flight and idle functions.
  • Bird Behavior is now more stable and no longer has extreme outputs.

Future Task:

  • Now the Bird AI is basically done, I need to deleted the redundant code in it.
  • I need to update the Crab to use the new shared functions from 'MobBehaviour' where possible.
  • Give the Crab AI a min attack range that will trigger it to immediately attack the closest Mob so it can actually response to bird attacks.
  • Give the Crab a max chasing timer, so it gives up eventually.
  • Make the 'Mob Brain Update Manager' to handle spreading out updating the Crab and Bird AI's  decision making functions over multiple frames.

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