Prepping For Crustaceans - 16th April 2021 - Development Notes

For all intensive purposes the Bird AI scripting is done, now it's on to the first... and messiest AI of the game, the Crab. Unlike the bird, that actively goes out to hunt, the crab is made to be purely reactionary. It wonders around at random, but will avoid other creatures and only attack if they get too close.

They are made to be the main hazardous for the baby Dino Stage as the only small creature that will attack you. Not only will they call their friends over to help a attack, if one manages to get you and latch on, it will keep attacking and slowing you down until you manage to shake it off! Basically slowly moving landmines.

15th April 2021 Development Notes: 

  •  'Mob Brain Update Manager' has been implemented, I can now set it to go through and  only update so many active Mobs decision making functions per frame to reduce possible lag, while still keeping complex behavior.
  • The old junk in the Bird AI script has been deleted and the new code has probably sorted into regions and so on.
  • I have started work converting the old Crab AI to match the new design.
  • Crabs AI has been revised to use switch cases
  • Crab AI's idle state and threat detection has been reimplemented, cleaned up and now also uses shared 'MobBehaviour' functions when possible.

Future Task:

  • Finish cleaning up the old Crab AI systems to the new upgraded version.
  • Make the Crab give up if it chases without attacking for too long.
  • Give the Crab a distinct state to handle attacking and acting when latched onto something.
  • Give Crab AI short range immediate attack response to threats in very close range (AKA attack the birds attacking it).
  • Give Crab AI short range scavenging behavior.
  • After the Crab and Bird have been tested together, revise the last small AI, the Bug.

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