Crabs Vs Birds Round 2! - 17th April 2021 - Development Notes

Things are getting close to the next Alpha patch. Once the last small AI(Bug) is done I will make the starting area for the game, the beach and small woods and try to get things presentable enough for another public release.

While there are still some fundamentals to improve, like how the baby dino feels to attack, aim and run compared to the big fella, I want to get a few more of the Mobs in before I go back to player revisions. Regardless of that, the next patch should be consider the beginning of what the final game experience is going to be like, wondering around, encountering Mobs in the world and hunting to get points to grow bigger.

16th April 2021 Development Notes: 

  •  Crab AI has been fully revised and works with new system.
  • Crabs now will eat nearby dead.
  • Crabs will now response to immediate threats.
  • Crabs will now only latch with one claw, and continue to hit with the other, applying more damage.
  • Crabs will gang up on targets if provoked.
  • Crab & Bird encounters have been balanced for each other.

Future Task:

  • Revised the Bug AI, it's pretty simple so it should take long.
  • (Maybe) Give the AI a homing direction if they get too far from spawn?
  • Once the Bug AI is done, start test with all small AI together, along with the player baby Dino.
  • Start mocking up starting area for the game.
  • Set up starting area zones and Mob spawn conditions.
  • Make Basic game menu and in game demo notes page to prep for public demo.
  • Get starting area ready for public demo version V0.2.0.

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