How Do You Make A Open World? (With Footage!) - 19th April 2021 - Development Notes

That title isn't rhetorical, it's a genuine question I am asking myself.

Me walking around the rough maps starting area, getting a sense of scale.

All the small AI behaviors have been  cleaned up and are ready, now it's time to start just getting into making the starting area. I've taken the  placeholder map and trees to try to judge the scale and dumped the player character into it for testing. Making a natural environment, of this scale especially, is new to me, but I'm going to try and just treat it like a game jam and get on with it.

Give myself  a week, look up some images of tropical island beaches and shores then make a few boulder, bush and tree variants I can toss around the place to make the map seem more lively. Once I'm happy with the look of that, make new Mob spawners to populate areas before the player reaches them. 
If I can pace myself and get that done by next week, I should be able to put up a new demo, here's hoping.

19th April 2021 Development Notes: 

  • Crab AI, Bird and Bug AI behaviors have been tested together and work.
  • Made sure above AI still worked away from world center... apparently I forgot to apply their own position when picking a random place to wonder too, my bad.
  • Added and scaled rough world Map 1 into game level.
  • Got health and hunt bars in.
  • Rejigged GUI, still a work in progress, but I like to think it's looking better... I'll get Jo to look at it...

Future Task:

  • AI Spawning into main world will need to be experimented with in starting area.
  • Start doing sketches and nots for beach and shore art assets.
  • Model 3D trees, subtask - get better at modeling trees.
  • Need to start modeling final area assets for environmental props, trees, bushes, boulders.
  • Going over the GUI design... and probably get rid of the borders.
  • Make environmental props prepped for future interaction ('boulders dislodgeable by big Dino, bushes shake when stepped into).
  • I think the bird flee direction may not be taking the birds position into account, so check/fix that future me.

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