Week 5 of Making My First Open World Game - The Active Ragdoll Critters

Active Ragdoll Crabs Vs Active Ragdoll Birds

Week 5 of developing ‘Days With Dino’ and have started doing daily updates about what I've done and need to do next. Summing up this last week was cleaning up the behaviors and ragdoll animations for the small critters and Mobs you encounter at the start of the game.

Last Weeks Post;

This weeks goal, making the art for a small open world.

Starting this week the challenge is to try and start making the environment for my small open world. Never done an environment of this scale, and I’ll be the first to admit I’m more of a character artist than environmental, but I’m trying to take the GameJam approach of don’t get bogged down overthinking it, and just get it working. Fingers crossed I can get the next public demo done before the end of this month.

Interested in doing stuff with active ragdolls yourself you can check out my video about how they work here; Active Ragdolls; What Are They And How They Work

Daily Twitter updates on my games here; https://twitter.com/BirdmaskStudio

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