Modelling An Open World Day 2 - Beach & Palm Forest - 20th April 2021 - Development Notes

How the starting area is looking like Day 2.

Day 2 of doing the art and placement for the starting area of the Beach and woods. Feeling pretty good about it overall, I've done a better blockout for the trees to see how the shape would work,  along with some stone & boulders, and used the optimize sculpt tool in blender to get a nice look for the edges and overall terrain.

I feel like stuff is fitting together and, even if some of the Mobs are bugging out (Need to fit them into the new set), it's nice seeing the place occupied and the times of day change. Anyway, next is to review things in house, then make the final tree models, muck around with the colours of the ground on the grass areas and make more of the beach before I start making more in depth spawn handlers.

20th April 2021 Development Notes: 

  • Made better tree blockout models.
  • Made final set of basic stones and boulders for beach area.
  • Improved the Terrain topology and colours around the starting woods area.

Future Task:

  • Continue to enhance the terrain space.
  • Improve art in beach area.
  • Improve art along the river by the starting forest.
  • Improve art around beach cave.
  • Once art for the demo area has been done, look at making and setting up spawners for the Mobs in the game world.

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