Thinking About Mob Spawning In A Open World - 22nd April 2021 - Development Notes

Was away from the computer for most of the day, so not too much in 'tasks finished' to report, was more of a planning day, thinking about how I could tackle spawning Mobs in a open world.

My plan is to use colliders to split the map into Zones, and then have even smaller Spawner colliders as sub-zones. These will hold the information on what to spawn, where, and how many. The red areas in the image above are the Zones, these spawn Mobs at a constant rate around the player while the player is inside of them. The white areas are the Spawners, these will spawn Mobs in much higher numbers faster but only when triggered.

To trigger the Spawners, I think it'll work like this;

  • I have two circles around the player, the Spawn Trigger and the Despawn Trigger.
  • The Spawn Trigger's center will be a little ahead of the player.
  • The Despawn Trigger's center will be further still and large enough to contain both the player and Spawn trigger.
  • The Spawners will tirgger when they overlap with the  Spawn Trigger.
  • They will stop spawning when they are out of the Spawn Trigger.

Mobs will despawn if they are outside of the Despawn Trigger circle.  Mobs spawned from a Spawner will despawn at a significantly faster rate than mobs spawned by Zones. 

The aim of all this will to try to not have too many Mobs active when they aren't in sight, but to still spawn enough where they player is going to be,  before they get there. I'll report on how it turns out once I start the coding.

21th April 2021 Development Notes: 

  • Defined Zones and Spawner Colidders for Demo Area
  • Planning out upgrades to spawner system.

Future Task:

  • Start to implement new Mob spawner systems.
  • We are having a talk and review about where the game is tomorrow, so that's going to effect what we will be prioritizing.

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