Procedurally Animated, Self-Balancing Active Ragdoll Humanoid Project - Prototype In Development

Change of pace with this update. This here is a look at my main project of the year, that my current game 'Days With Dino', is a offshoot of. 

This is basically the system I plan to be building up over the next couple of games, with the hope that, by the end, I can get myself a highly animated, non-goofy, Humanoid Active Ragdoll character that I will be able to use as the base for my future games. 

Anyway, back to 'Days With Dino', more updates coming this week! We had a proper internal review of how the  project is going so far, so I'll be talking about some good changes in direction we are having, that should help keep us on track for getting development done by the end of May. 

Just wanted to take some time to make this, behind the scenes, video about what I've been think about for my plans over this year. 

Any questions about this, feel free to ask, I love talking about this.

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