Birthday Weekend: Water Erosion - Hills to Beach Simulation

Was my birthday this weekend, so I decided to take some time to try some grid base procedural generation. Always interested in it, but couldn't really get to grips with it.

Think I can say, I worked it out. This is the end result of the 2 days working on it, got a functioning water flowing system, and even have erosion!

Looking at Dots:

After I got that done, I also had a look at Dots and multithreading to see if it could help me up the performance... it was not fun, though I will be sure to keep at it whenever I get the chance to continue this project, since it seems like a good thing to learn, if a bit painful for the brain. The above is what I managed to get after a whole day of trying to get to grips with the Jobs system. It will be a while before I can get the tiles interacting with each other like in the main example, but at least I got something happening before running out of time.

Anyway, it's back to Days with Dino and the regular updates starting today , and continuing to work on the the next public demo... though I may give myself some time to cotinine this side project, every other week or so for a bit.

See more in the works of this on my twitter:

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