Active Camera Version 2 - 29th April 2021 - Development Notes

Took the first version of the active camera from yesterday, and changed up the way it did things in code. Now while the behaviors on the surface seem similar, I have much, Much more control over them.

Also the camera now has multiple ray checks on different parts of the players body to check wither or not the view is blocked. If all rays return as negative, then the camera will zoom in. This stops the camera zooming in when the character is only partially obscured.

So yeah, feels a lot better, plays a lot better. With the camera done, next on the list is the character art. I'm going to miss the proto Diny design, but it's time to push for the final look.

29th April 2021 Development Notes: 

  • Redid the orbiting and camera auto reset position code.
  • Added view block checks and avoidance.
  • Improved camera shift when player is running to the side, cameras position now also moves, along with the look to point.

Future Task:

  • Make it so the auto reset doesn't happen if the player is moving below a certain speed.
  • Start working on the final character art for the Dino, and small mobs, currently being set to be put into the demo.
  • Remove the old Mob spawners, and set up new ones for the finished mobs.
  • Figure out what the old proto herd animals could be, I want to keep them, but now I need to come up with a design for them.

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