New Skin... attempt 1 - 3rd May 2021 - Development Notes

The adult T-Rex is now riggable, so that's a plus, not sure of the the back thing I added though. I intended it to be feathers of some kind, but it just didn't really work out so it'll be gone next video. In game menus fully in though, so things are trucking along.

3rd May 2021 Development Notes: 

  • Old broken mobs are gone.
  • Got the neat zoom into globe intro back.
  • Made the camera auto reset more lenient.
  • Full in game menu is in.
  • Final palm tree models.
  • Active Ragdoll player character, has had a proper armature grafted ontop of it.

Future Task:

  • Make main menu page.
  • Limit playable area for demo.
  • Make some of the small mobs bigger.
  • Make destructible and knockable trees.
  • Add script to handle the T-Rex foot animation.
  • Reduce head and tail twist range of the T-Rex.

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