Smashing Rocks & Breaking Trees - 5th May 2021 - Development Notes

Particles, I do not like them, and am going to have to sit down at some points and try to come to grips with them. In the meanwhile though, trees now at least do something when you hit them, and now we have destroyable stuff in the terrain. The world is becoming more physical.

5th May 2021 Development Notes: 

  • Alpha Demo main menu.
  • Fixed floating grass and trees on the terrain.
  • Added demo area wall to starting area.
  • Added destructible props.
  • Made destructible stone pillars.
  • Made destructible Palm trees.
  • Tried changing up the terrain colours.
  • Enlarged crabs and birds.

Future Task:

  • Turns out the crabs and birds can't handle their new sizes, go into their settings and adjust them.
  • Do final checks before next alpha demo release.
  • Do up page prestation for next alpha demo release.
  • Make more through tasks list for next sprint.

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