Over-Focusing & Scheduling - Alpha Demo 2 & Final Release Plans - 7th May 2021 - Development Notes

One of the big problems, when you are the only person on the development side of making a game, is over-focusing. Take the crabs and bird mobs I did for example. I spent more than a week on these two mobs - getting them to work perfectly for the early version of the game - and now two weeks later, I needed to resize them, so I will have to go into their code all over again.

Sometimes this sort of thing is inevitable, but it is an example of over compilating and focusing on something too early which I am trying to get better at avoiding. 

Right now I'm about to release the alpha demo 2, and I know there are some things that do not show my game in the best light - sound effects are incomplete, the player character's movement is sluggish and various details need refinement. If I really wanted to, I could take the time now, make the player move better, find the right sounds for what's there at the moment and in 1 or 2 more weeks release a really good alpha demo.... but the risk is I'd have to redo all that work yet again in another months time, when I have to revise those same systems to handle the yet-to-be-added content.

All of this to say, I plan to release the next alpha demo sooner, but it's going to be missing some stuff and will be a bit wonky in places. So I am going to focus on getting the final build done sooner rather than making an early preview look better now.

Next objectives are getting all the features, creatures, landmarks and gameplay loops to a basic point into the game first, and then to refine the individual systems based on priority, and hope I can limit the amount of coding that has to be revised in order to avoid overcomplicating systems.

Game development is weird, and solo development is confusing, but hopefully this is a novel enough look behind the scenes of how I go about working on a project.

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