Ragdoll Caveman & Buffalo - Destroying Stone Houses - 9th May 2021 - Development Notes

This is what I love about working with active ragdolls, not even a hour into rigging them, and I already get to see them moving about! The caveman and Buffalo rigs are now ragdolled and have had some quick posers put on them to check how they animate. Later on I will add proper scripts to handle their animations, but this works for now for quick testing.

I also made the Cavemen houses. Decided to go with a flintstones approach of stone huts that would be easy to destroy into smaller stone chunks. As you can see in the video, I've gone back to the old Dino look for now, the new skin wasn't matching the rigs motions quite right, so I'm going to have to attempt that again later.

9th May 2021 Development Notes: 

  • Buffalo  & Cavemen have been ragdolled.
  • Buffalo  & Cavemen have been had basic idle poses tested out.
  • Made caveman house model.
  • Made Cavemen house destructible.
  • Revert Dino back to old visual model.
  • Reduced drag on adult dino, it is now faster to turn.

Future Task:

  • Reduce cameras auto rotate when player changes direction.
  • Make stone landmarks.
  • Make Stonehenge like landmarks.
  • Make terrain for Caveman village.
  • Make small decorative props, such as mud patches.

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