Landmarks - 11th May 2021 - Development Notes

I have been continuing to work on the terrain and environment. Modeling new props, making prefabs and throwing them across the map, as can be seen in the footage above. I'm probably going to be at this for a few more days, but hopefully this should be the final push for the terrain and map features before I go on to the gameplay loop and then refining the player controls and Mobs.

11th May 2021 Development Notes: 

  • Added more environmental prop models.
  • Added more destructible variants.
  • Placed prefabs for landmarks in the starting area.
  • Have begun new round of refining the terrain mesh.

Future Task:

  • Finish refining the terrain mesh.
  • Set final colours for terrain mesh.
  • Do mountain summit area.
  • Do Caveman village area.
  • Make Desert dust storm effect.
  • Make final terrain mesh and split into chunks.
  • Do final go over with grass effect.
  • Add dislodgeable boulders into terrain.

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